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When social networks took away MOUSTIK KARISMATIK. The comedian and businessman was for several weeks at the heart of a buzz which had as its source a story of adultery which had taken away his relationship.

Versions of the story came from everywhere, each going carefully into the comments. One of the international influencers who came out to strike at MOUSTIK KARISMATIK was General Camille Makosso of Ivory Coast. .an outing that MOUSTIK KARISMATIK has obviously kept close to his heart.

The comedian did not hesitate to shoot the Ivorian pastor on one of his podcasts, insinuating that he was the murderer of his wife.

In fact the wife of General Makosso died in murky circumstances and the light has not yet been shed. General Makosso Camille was struck by this terrible misfortune on Saturday March 28, 2020. .That day, Pastor Couper-décaler lost, forever, his beautiful and tender wife Tatiana Kosséré who regularly accompanied him on his various international tours. He invoked the theory of drug intoxication.

.MOUSTIK KARISMATIK having learned that he crossed a red line wanted to make his mea culpa.

Unfortunately what has been said remains said and all that remains is to put the pieces back together.

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