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The legacy album of the shock duo TAYC and Dadju is once again shaking the web. After the controversy over the album cover, the French singer of Cameroonian origin is today accused of occult practices during a concert at the Accor Arena.

The controversy starts from these remarks made by the artist TAYC at the start of the concert:

“We are made in His image and likeness so if GOD can lay hands on to heal, Heal me!

Everybody reach out to me please reach out to the stage. .give strength please. Give us the strength he gives you. Ohlalaaaa I feel strength.”

Then followed a whole debate based on the interpretation of the words and actions posed by TAY-C on stage

.for some, he made this introduction using such remarks to be in tune with his audience, but for others, these remarks had no place especially in the middle of the stage of a social show.

.one certainly very spiritually advanced internet user went so far as to say that after the crowd raised their hands as he asked, he "received something" from them and "

“placed it within him” when he placed his hand on his heart.

Since revelations were made about the cover of the HERITAGE album

of TAY-C and DADJU, all their actions are now interpreted.

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