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Historical mascot of the Indomitable Lions for decades, Henry MOUYEBE, better known as Ngando Pickett, is a living monument of Cameroonian football. .he is such a lion fanatic that he took the road twice to support them away during the African Cup of Nations.

The last trip was a few weeks ago. .keen to provide his unwavering support to the den, he found himself in Ivory Coast where CAN 2023 is currently taking place. But it seems that the suffering linked to his fanaticism is not over as he previously announced on the antennas of Canal 2 international.

.Indeed, after six days in extreme conditions to arrive in Ivory Coast, Ngando Pickett speaks in an interview broadcast on the page of Kévin FOSTO Officiel. .after warning all those who criticize him, he claims that they are abandoned in Ivory Coast after the Lions' defeat against Nigeria. He protests against the president for not having taken the trouble to meet them and for having neglected their situation.

.He also claims that they were never supported by FECAFOOT as previously announced. that it was a lie motivated by the meeting with someone close to the president of fecafoot and that he apologizes for that. .he ends by asking for help from Cameroonians and all souls of good will, to help him and his team return to the country.

It is with a lot of emotion that the interview ends. all they want is to return to their country, the country they are fighting to defend

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