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A Tik Tok video that has gone viral for a few days shows a young girl named Aïcha who trembles to the sound of the voice and mix of DJ Domi, a Burkinabe disc jockey. On social networks, young people have fun on this video, through challenges, jokes which quickly becomes a continental buzz.

Dj Domi Leosgo is a Burkinabè disc jockey who travels the villages of Burkina Faso to make the population dance. He creates dancing rhythms for the great happiness of these. This viral video has aroused the interest of several showbiz actors. Some local artists like Imilo the lucky one, on his Facebook page expressed his willingness to help DJ Domi. The latter was invited to record a title in the studio entitled “Aïcha Tremblée” while waiting for the arrival of the main actors of the video.

"To Dj Domi, the designer of ''Aïcha tremblée'', I am offering 50,000F, 02 cases of Booster Roots and a pair of Optic Saint Mathias sunglasses. Tell him it's when he wants, ”says the artist Donsharp of Batoro on his Facebook page. Later we can still read on his page: "Dj Domi designer of '' Aïcha tremblée '' has just received what I had promised in the previous post. He reassured me that “Aïcha” will receive her share from the village”.

.San Remi Traoré, head of Propulsion Prod and manager of Kayawoto also said on Monday July 24, 2023 on social networks: “If you don't want to tremble, you have to leave. Aisha trembled! we are already ready”.

.in less than 72 hours, several Burkinabè pages such as Fresh Burkina, Burkina on line, MaCulture, l'Apero 226…, shared the Tik Tok video which helped to publicize the disc jockey who has more than 15 years of experience. experiences.

A buzz recovered by the Ivorian neighbors. The neighbors next door (Ivorians), very much in the buzz, immediately picked up the video of Dj Domi which quickly went viral. Several Ivorian pages and personalities like Crazy mag, Willy Dumbo who promised to receive her at WAM, Sublime Côte d'Ivoire have contributed to giving more visibility to the artist and his video.

According to Marius Diessongo, cultural journalist, Ivorians are very advanced on the movement. .

According to him, orchestras took over the sound and the public performed the dance.

This movement made public was a source of challenge on Tik Tok, Facebook for ordinary citizens and actors of the Burkinabè cultural world and the sub-region. It also used by some t-shirt brand houses for better marketing and sales. AÏCHA TREMBLER has already signed two advertising contracts. One with an agrifood company and the other with a cosmetics brand.

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