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Sylvain Dzeufak, the atypical egg seller in the town of Dschang who has seduced the web with his impeccable clothing, cries out in distress. .his mood allowed him to gain popularity and develop his business to the point of opening a restaurant at the campus entrance with the support of Mani Bella and Aloch 237.

Eight months ago he was the source of a bad buzz that made him look like a crazy person. .he declared that he had won the American lottery. In short, each release is more intriguing than the last. Again this morning, he is at the center of concerns on social networks. In fact, he made a post on his Facebook page to ask for help.

This post was later deleted without explanation. But a few hours later, he wrote again on his story that he is not joking and that he is really in a complicated situation and that he needs help to get out of it.

Faced with such declarations, the web is in turmoil, between bad Buzz and poorly implemented conditions, Sylvain's situation is at the heart of concerns. the hours that follow will surely give more details on this call for help.

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