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After having responded with mastery to the rappers who had taken up his challenge, the most fashionable urban artist in Cameroon entangled with the title "DEUX OEUFS SPAGHETTI" which is already the anthem of Cameroonians.

But as soon as the sound is made available to the public, its author is already accused of plagiarism. The first accuser is the arranger VLADIMIR who in a Facebook post declares that Ko-c was inspired by his hit SOKCELLERIE to release his title "DEUX EGGS SPAGHETTI". Listening to the two sounds we can detect slight sound similarities q between the two hits. The concern was not settled that a second artist appears who reproaches the same facts to the artist Ko-c. But this time it is the concept that would be incriminated.

The artist Élégancia bb declares this on Facebook

"Hello my community, it is with great sadness and tears in my eyes 🥺 that for the past few days I have been watching a film that breaks my heart 💔...

My name is elegancia bb author and creator of the song, concept and dance "two spaghetti eggs" released on youtube in 2020 and today which was plagiarized by an artist that I love and respect a lot ko -c with the support and the complicity of my cousin gadougou the Star plus.known on the name of the official Star.I set up the "two spaghetti eggs" concept in 2020 with my group at that time called les avanturiers du côte de bafia. .we recorded this song right here in Yaoundé in Vladimir's studio, we took almost 1 year to the day to promote the song from the concept and the dance in the vigils, snack bars and cabarets in the city until the day we were able to have a to program the filming of the clip. but a few days before the filming of the clip my mother fell seriously ill I found myself obliged to return to bafia with the little money that I had already earned here in Yaoundé planned for the realization of my clip to take .care of my mother.but some time later I notice on the web that everyone is dancing and talking about the concept and the dance "two spaghetti eggs" on the internet I have tried many times to get in touch with the ko-c team without any follow-up today I put everything in the hands of god.

I will be available to provide all the evidence in images, videos and audio to justify my words...'

Statements that he later accompanied with this little video made in 2020.

for more information see the links

The link of his song two eggs.

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