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Emy Dany is a multi-talented woman. From a multi-award winning actress, she is also a seasoned businesswoman. In less than three years, she opened two African food and African grill restaurant chains in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé. These are magnificent settings and very popular with lovers of Cameroonian and African gastronomy. Marriage proposals are made in its restaurants because the setting is suitable.

But more and more Emy Dany is facing theft situations in her restaurants. Recently at the end of last June in his restaurant in Yaoundé, a group of young people managed, using stratagems, to eat and leave without paying, leaving a huge bill of 44,000 f. Faced with this unhealthy act the actress did not want to go any further, with the help of surveillance cameras she just decided to blacklist them from her restaurants.

Unfortunately for the businesswoman, the same scene happened again with different characters. This time, it's a young girl who organizes her birthday with her friends. When settling the bill of 111,000 f it's total panic. The young girl without CNI only had 3000 f on her. Faced with this situation Emy Dany decided to hit the point on the table so that such situations do not happen again.

While waiting for news on the measures she has taken, she invites young girls to work and hang their bags where they can take.

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