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"I am 22 years old and I started touma at the age of 16 in première" TIK DENGUE TALKS ABOUT HIMSELF

The shock declarations of the tiktokeur ignite the canvas.

" I am 22 years old and I started touma at the age of 16 I was doing first.

.the first thing I look at in a woman is her buttocks.

I like women who have the flesh.

I am very faithful, My girlfriend is called kevine and she is very maternal, she knows how to calm me down.

.I've never been in a relationship with this girl I posted in 2021 it was just a Buzz organized by my manger.

Claudio njalla and @bob Dylan we haven't been friends since, I met them in the game.

We have already had to wash the same f! .But it was like bop & me, bob Dylan & Claudio.

When the other finished he said, I already washed eh djo.

Since my content creations, the biggest amount I earned was 1 million and it was with Orange.

.I was in a contract where I was just getting 40% out of 100% so that money must have been a lot.

My biggest regret is having signed a contract at the beginning of my career that scared me! Life until now.

It's a management story, but hey, this contract is already over today."

Revelations that have aroused many diverse and varied reactions among his followers.

The young man, however, said he was calm to move forward.

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