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Who are these individuals who lurk in the shadows and implement strategies to block the younger generation?

we remember this extremely shocking exit from the actor MONSIEUR CHANTAL “the producers only want the anus”. The tweeker artist thus expressed his fed up with the numerous indecent proposals from showbiz. The artist who did not crack quickly lost notoriety. .the choice of dignity.

Silvain DZEUFACK THE student and theveggs seller is certainly paying a high price after this compromise which has now caused him to go crazy.

After the sudden disappearance of the page of the mboleeur wato de Souza, his colleague wanted to make an exit.

When am I going to explain to my brothers and Cameroonian internet users that Game 237 is a jungle?!

Either you give what they want or we turn you off... To the point of banning me from going live, don't you understand that it's harsh?

What happened to my colleague WATO DE SOUZA? Where did his page go?

Dear little brother! Make music in the neighborhood, at the vigil, don't try to find success! I'm speaking to you as a survivor! Word to the wise, hello!


According to him, the artist's exit has now earned him numerous threats.

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