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The fight long awaited by boxing fans kept all its promises. Tyson Fury won his fight against Francis Nganou by split decision. .the Gypsy King therefore still remains undefeated in the heavyweight category.

This Saturday evening, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Furry and MMA fighter Francis Nganou faced each other. After 10 rounds of a contested fight, Fury won by split decision (94-95, 96-93, 95-94).

A result that provoked reactions, since Francis Nganou sent his opponent to the mat with a left hook during the third round.

"This is perhaps my hardest fight in the last ten years. It's been almost a year since I last boxed and my boxing was a little rusty..ngannou surprised me, he left marks on my face,” reacted Tyson Fury after the fight.

This victory allows Tyson Fury to remain undefeated. But many are calling it rigging and editing. .because it was unacceptable for an outsider to win against the world heavyweight boxing champions.

Francis N'GANNOU also spoke on this subject.

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