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It was in a well-attended live broadcast that the Ivorian-Lebanese Zeinab, winner of season 2 of Bachelor, dispelled doubts.

In fact after the last episode of the reality show, voices were raised announcing the breakup between the two lovebirds.

We were able to follow live:

Unfortunately, we were unable to continue the relationship outside of the show, I am no longer with CLIVE”

.“Current relationship status with Clive? You know, the show was filmed more than six (6) months ago and you saw that we left together at the end of the show. .we continued our relationship outside the villa because there was a real attraction, a lot of love especially on my side because I was always very sincere with him on the show and even outside it, whatever that that had to be done, I have always done them(…) in any case.I try to be honest in my dealings with people.Today, the circumstances meant that unfortunately, we were not able to continue the relationship for long outside the villa, after that it does not mean that we no longer speak to each other, that there is animosity between him and me. I prefer to keep the reasons as laws because it is our privacy”

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