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His identity was leaked and he was forced to confirm his Bachelor status. Season two has just delivered its first episode after weeks of anticipation.

We discover a charismatic, tall and elegant Bachelor who must find the love of his life among twenty dream creatures. CLIVE KETU, the Cameroonian entrepreneur and accountant by training, had to part ways with five divas.

For this adventure which takes place in Gabon, canal+ pop has kept the promise of a challenging program with 7 nationalities. Two Cameroonians are in the running to win the final rose. Two sisters of Beninese nationality decided to throw themselves into the game.

Three of the candidates have already made an impression on the Bachelor. Zeinab who is already considered the Bachelor's crush, Johanna with whom the flow goes well and Angélique who is Cameroonian.

There are now 15 beautiful young women left who will have to fight to stay in the competition.

.Looking forward next Saturday, for the next episode.

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