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The indiscretions indicated as the cause the defender's fed up with the permanent interference of the president of FECAFOOT in coaching.

This outing, which was not to Samuel Eto'o's taste, would have earned him his sidelining.

Another more widespread version indicated an altercation between Zambo Anguissa and Michael Ngadeu Ngadjui. An agreement being found between the two, Michael Ngadeu would have refused to sign it. It is therefore to maintain peace in the lair that he would have been sacrificed. But this version is quickly kicked into touch, by the international Zambo Anguissa.

The Napoli midfielder came out of silence to denounce the Fakes News.

Some journalists from a Cameroonian television channel tried to create discord between my teammate and me. .I want to remind you that Ngadeu and I have been good friends for a long time, so stop before it gets out of hand, ”wrote the former Marseillais in a Facebook post, illustrated by a photo showing his good relationship with his eldest Ngadeu.

Jean Lambert Nang is one of the journalists who publicized this alleged fight between Zambo and Ngadeu.

Frank Zambo Anguissa later tweeted in which he regretted the non-call-up of Michael Ngadeu Ngadjui, a player who, according to him, had all the qualities to be selected.

A web of lies ».

“Michaël Ngadeu and Anguissa have never fought. It never even came close to happening. This whole story is a fabric of lies like the pseudo Anguissa-Choupo-Moting affair, "said a relative of the defender to our colleagues at Camfoot. “Both players are sad and shocked by these lies. .zambo Anguissa is really affected by it. Not only has he never had a problem with Ngadeu, but they are very close in life,” he added.

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