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The president of FECAFOOT achieved the feat of avoiding an eternal crisis in Cameroonian football. .the appointment of Belgian technician Marc Brys by MINSEP without participation from FECAFOOT was announced as the spark that would ignite not only Cameroonian football but also public opinion.

SAMUEL ETO'O had three possibilities when faced with a fait accompli.

.👉 Accept the MINSEP Staff as is without flinching and accept the humiliation of seeing former collaborators who left FECAFOOT amid tensions return in a limousine.

👉 Reject the entire MINSEP Staff and appoint a new one. .which was eagerly awaited and which would have triggered a standoff with MINSEP which would have been counterproductive for Cameroonian football.

👉 Resign, to express your frustration. Which would have earned him the nickname coward.

.the Goleador chose a solution that no one saw coming. Select the coach chosen by MINSEP and appoint the other members of the technical and management staff of the indomitable lions. Thus taking the MINSEP by surprise who could only grasp this arm extended towards appeasement.

.by doing so, the President of FECAFOOT avoids the indomitable lions from suffering a sanction from FIFA a few weeks before the start of the 2026 Football World Cup qualifiers.

.a successful exit from the crisis for Pitchichi which demonstrates its dexterity in conflict management.

Barring an extraordinary turnaround, the indomitable lions will approach the qualifiers with peace of mind.

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