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...While you were in school, the guy was in the sand mines at..." BILLIONAIRE REBECCA ENECHONG CROPS

A matter of patriotic song which makes fun of MMA champion Francis NGANOU.

The video that has gone viral on the web where we see the former UFC champion devoutly take over Cameroon's NATIONAL ANTHEM in a hall of the prestigious HAVARD university, has received various appreciations. For some, like COCO argentée, found that he was singing and quickly pilloried him. The new recruit of the PLF also made a direct the hours that followed to trivialize the derogatory remarks of certain Internet users.

On the other hand a good part of the public opinion was quickly offended by castigating a travesty of the debate. For the latter, the high-level athlete was to be congratulated given his career, his act and the place.

REBECCA ENECHONG, the Cameroonian billionaire did not hesitate to take the part of the native of Bâtie in western Cameroon.

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