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The Mauvais bb vs DEXTHER Timberlake is the new poster boy on social networks. The first is the new darling of social networks and the second a former host of Canal 2 international based in France. .the second wanted to make a description of the first with supporting advice in a podcast which he did not digest.

The bad baby does not miss the opportunity to respond to the outings of DEXTHER who promises him prison for the mauvais bb. .<<All my teams are focused on you, you won't say afterwards that "ndepso-tchelley" means actor eh, I warned Piffo as I'm warning you here he didn't understand>>.

The two bloggers accuse each other of using each other's images to gain views on social networks. .the bad baby doesn't care about the threats of complaints brandished by DEXTHER and taunts him every time he goes out.

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