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It's too expensive, it's not fluid and above all the duration is reduced. Some figures to describe the data supply in Cameroon currently. BRIEF the connection is very expensive !!!

A collective indignation was set in motion with the objective of gradually boycotting the mobile phone agencies MTN and ORANGE to make them bend. .as long as a good slice of influencers (Muriel Blanche, ALOCH 237, Rachel Ntonkieu, Mitoumba, ...) are on the initiative, two artists are showing their desire to undermine the project.

Their designs are not justified by the interests at stake, which they can barely disguise.

.👉 FOR MALHOOX, it should be remembered that on October 8, 2021 he received the Star News Urban Hit Show by Orange award with the tidy sum of 20 million FCFA. He therefore benefited from the largesse of the French multinational. What better way to be grateful than to oppose the boycott.

.👉 FOR MOUSTIK KARISMATIK, remember that he has long been the muse and main face of MTN's advertising campaigns. A confidence that has been renewed for MTN's recent advertising campaign.

.the two artists cannot therefore place themselves as slayers of these two institutions which provide them with a good jackpot. Unsubscribes were noted on the Facebook pages of the two artists in retaliation for their position.

The initiative, which is the example of the one launched in Côte d'Ivoire, has a serious chance of succeeding..

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