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The ex-journalist of the blue chain of Yaoundé launches a big rant at the place of the detractors of Samuel Eto'o. There are called Moussa Njoya, Boris Bertolt, Armel Stéphane, Valsero, Sandy Boston, Hogo Bossoken, Arol Ketch, Ilias Kpoumie, Mamadou Mota, Okala Ebode, Joseph Emmanuel Ateba, Darling Nguévo, Christian Ntimbane Bomo, Mohammadou Idrissou, Paul Chouta , Shance Lion, Joel Désiré Engo, Felicite.(Nkolo) Zeifman, Valentin Siméon Zinga, Benjamin Zébazé, etc.

What do they have in common? Nothing except that, behind their keyboard, they wage a merciless war against Samuel Eto'o, an "enemy" who has done nothing to them. For them, it's almost a game whose social networks are the sandbox.

.francis BONGA denounces the relentlessness of the big 9.

Every two or three hours, they swing a shell at him and revel in the ecstatic comments from their followers. Some, like Boris Bertolt or Ntimbane Bomo, have transformed this space of freedom into a boxing ring. .nay, boxing being a highly regulated fight, it is more about MMA. All shots are allowed. They say they are using their right to “criticize”. He advanced.

Let's admit that, in a very Cameroonian sense, this concert of insults falls under the "right to criticism". Admit! .but by dint of repetition, when does “criticism” become harassment?

Do you know that this boy, Samuel Eto'o, is a Human made of flesh and blood? Do you know that he has relatives who suffer from watching their husband, son, brother, friend, being insulted because he dared to return to his country to give back to him what this country gave him? Do you know how many people you hurt by your insulting words? .have you considered for a second that the silent majority of this country disapproves of your harassment? . He added.

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