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25, the BET Awards 2023 ceremony was held. Cameroonian artist Libianca, based in the USA, thanks to her title "People", emerged victorious in her category ahead of her Nigerian counterpart Asake. A victory that the latter still can not digest.

Only a few hours

Libianca was declared the winner of the 'BET Viewers Choice Award 2023' ahead of Asake, several Nigerians took to Twitter accusing the organization of disrespecting Asake who deserved the award. Complaints which subsequently made the person concerned react. In a tweet,

the Nigerian artist returned to the

ceremony and castigated Libianca's victory.

“I have done a lot of work during this year, I am still surprised that Libianca wins this prize in front of me, yet in his country of origin it is my songs that play on repeat,” he wrote.

In any case, Libyanca has more than 30 million listeners and Asake less than 5 million. If we just stick to those numbers, she deserves to win more BETs than him or else?

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