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Following the broadcast of the Radio-Press press release from the Minister of Sports on the national channel, the Indomitable Lions team of Cameroon has a new coach and a new technical staff. They respond to the names of Marc BRYS, of Belgian nationality, coach of the Lions.Indomitables, Omam biyick (N1 coach), Ashu Cyprien Besong (N2 coach), Alioum boukar (goalkeeper coach), Benjamin Banlog (National selections coordinator), Dany Noukeu (Team Manager), Germain Noël essengue (Team Press Manager).

.After the publication of this press release, FECAFOOT gave its impressions. In a press release, it expresses its great astonishment at this act which is contrary to the terms of Decree No. 2014/384 of September 26, 2014 relating to the organization and operation of national football teams. .she therefore considers that it is a decision with the aim of humiliating FECAFOOT, because not only was it taken unilaterally, but the technical staff of the new coach is none other than that of Antônio Conceicao whose place Rigobert Song had taken following the election of Samuel Eto'o as president of the Cameroonian Football Federation.

Nabil Djellit, international football consultant also makes this observation, specifying that this decision aims to annoy Samuel Eto'o.

the humiliation is still visible through the presence in this technical staff of Benjamin Banlog, new coordinator of the national selections. .the latter, who was former Secretary General of FECAFOOT, is a fervent detractor of President Samuel Eto'o. FECAFOOT promises to shed light on the issue and take a position. .but for part of public opinion, such exclusion of Samuel Eto'o in the process of appointing the new coach of the Indomitable Lions could lead the latter to resign from his position as president of FECAFOOT. .For the moment we are waiting for new reactions from FECAFOOT.

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