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The Cameroon Football Federation and its president Samuel ETOO are more silent than ever on this affair which is more than ever tarnishing the image of FECAFOOT and Cameroonian football.

The Cameroonian Football Federation should have, as in certain cases of morals in this country and elsewhere, suspended the activities of the CAPEFOOT training center, but also and above all the trainer of this center which is at the heart of a big sex scandal, worse pedophilia and even.of homosexuality.

Guy Alain KAMDEM better known under the pseudonym of "Capello" is comforted by the silence of FECAFOOT.

A federation which should, according to the campaign remarks of its president, take the bull by the horns to defend the brand image it wishes to give to raise football in Cameroon.

The situation becomes disastrous for Cameroon when we know that Romain MOLINA who has already shared the testimonies of several victims, has just made revelations.

Samuel Eto'o who is currently the head of FECAFOOT is quickly indexed. His silence is deafening given the gravity of the facts.

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