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Henry MOUYEBE, better known as Ngando Pickett, has been the historic mascot of the Indomitable Lions for several decades. .his love for his country sometimes pushed him to do extraordinary things like in 2000 during the CAN co-organized by Ghana and Nigeria where he traveled by car and at his own expense to encourage the football team from Cameroon.

.It seems that he has repeated the feat this year. Indeed, on January 10 of the current year, the famous mascot once again took to the road for Ivory Coast to support the Indomitable lions who are participating in the CAN near Yamoussoukro. .as in 2000, Ngando's journey did not fail to arouse strong reactions. Between rallying and discontent, the web has not remained indifferent. It was through videos and outings on social networks that he shared his journey with Internet users. .six days in truly extreme conditions, Ngando saw all the colors during this trip.

Even when he arrived in Ivory Coast, the suffering was not over since he had to camp with his team in front of the Hôtel des lions Indomptables due to lack of means for accommodation. .in a video posted on the web, he asks for hospitality from FECAFOOT and tickets to be able to attend the matches.

.One day before the Cameroon vs Senegal match, it seems that the grievances of the twelfth player have been taken into account since at the microphone of Aimée Catherine Moukoury on Canal 2 International, he seemed satisfied. he expressed himself in these terms: “There was a misunderstanding... .It was me who took it badly and I rushed by traveling early believing that I had been forgotten... But everything is going well we are already taken care of by FECAFOOT we have no problem. .. Samuel Eto'o the President of FECAFOOT is my son."

.From fanaticism to suffering, Ngando Pickett does not let go of the Indomitable lions despite his advanced age.

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