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A case of imprisonment of a blogger who sets the web ablaze. This is the named Endeme Ekong Raphaël, owner of the GOSSIP and TRIBUNAL DU CONGOSSA pages. He has been detained for more than a week at the gendarmerie group in the city of Douala. .he was taken there after his arrest following a complaint for harassment and cybercrime filed by influencer Muriel Blanche.

This situation divides opinion. Some of the bloggers, made up of Michel from the host NGATCHOU, Croqueuse de Diamant,...believe that Muriel Blanche should withdraw her complaint Blanche should.

Another more violent activist in the name of N'ZUI MANTO went so far as to threaten her with reprisals if she does not release this young blogger whose mother is in tears.

But another part of the public disagrees. This blogger should suffer the consequences of his actions if he fails to ask Muriel Blanche for an apology.

Muriel Blanche, currently staying in France, does not yet know how to comment on the situation of the said Blogger who, according to rumors, has been brought before the prosecutor.

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