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The author of “GENESIS” is at the end of his tether after accusations from Internet users about his Naija orientation. The artist used a Nigerian vernacular language (Igbo). A controversy that the rapper could not stand. .after having spent more than 100 million FCFA for the title "CREDIT ALERT" he is surprised to note that some Cameroonians are trying to create discord between CAMEROON and Nigeria.

Cameroon!” Cameroon! My people, I love you but you must change! We must change ! .to those who want to bring division, like here is Cameroon, here is Nigeria, I would like you to see how much I was welcomed by this country (Nigeria). .you don't need to always bring division, it's normal to consume your local products but don't bring comparisons and hatred!

There is no point that brings us closer to Nigeria! .you have no idea how hard these people worked to be where they are today! Cameroonians stop, enough is enough! What's with the comparisons?? They did everything to make us forget that we are all Africans, we are all blacks, a United Africa!

.what's kooo you're not Nigerian, you shouldn't sing for them, why are you singing for the igbo, SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!!!! For once, shut up! Haven't you seen Chris Brown sing ampiano?? .these last six years I have sung in French, I have sung bikutssi, I haven't even sung what?? I made the Bamoun rhythm popular! Did you know Bamoun music before? Landè landè is the best Bamoun sound in Cameroon!

You do everything to satisfy your people! .it's normal to try new things, as an artist you can't put yourself in a box! They will ask you to only do bikutssi then forget about you and make fun of you! Let people breathe! Support your artists no matter how much you don't like their sound! .even if I sing in Swaili or Chinese hihong chong chong, as long as the beat is good go stream!!!!

Usually I limit myself to entertaining you. But if you see me come and talk to you like this it's because enough is enough! .in 6 years I have served you hits after hits, the least I expect from you is your support. If you can't, shut up! We are in the dark!! Zero football, zero music, we don’t even have films! .all because of the people who said we don't move from here, the better we all die here!

I am speaking to future artists, Cameroon is that eh, if you started with the mbolé only continue with the mbolé, don't derail a little, sing local! .but comes to know it in a nightclub singing "Lonely at the top, lonely Lonely!!!" They even sing Yoruba "mamawanfè mamelolololo" They will call them home and pay the 500,000 dollars! .but I, who decide to continue singing in French, you call me and give me the meager sums that do not help me pay even my employees! Who are you even kidding??

And what annoys me the most is that it's my English-speaking brothers who act like this! .nothing is good in your eyes!!! Kooo for patoranking didn't post!!?? Why do you sing in English! Patoranking posted, even sharing the video where he dances in the studio! When it's to make noise you're fooorrtttts!!!

Kooo why are you singing in Igbo! .yet when I sang two spaghetti eggs it was kooo, it's with this kind of song that you want to win a Grammy!? Now that I want to move on it's koo come back! Cameroon you know how to frustrate and I cry for future artists because I have already mastered you! .I know that’s how you are!

I'm saying this today because tomorrow I won't be here to do it! We must fix the road for the future generation because the previous one failed!

Stop it! Enough is enough! We make sacrifices for you, for the family....It's been two months since I saw my son! Because I have to go up and down between Cameroon and Nigeria!

All we do is put Cameroon on top! .push people to talk about Cameroon, make Cameroon a topic of conversation, ensure that Cameroon is listened to! We are one Africa, we are all black, forget the comparisons! .music has no limits, music is a universal language, it does not need permission to touch a soul! ".

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