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Imaginary fight with Zambo: "An old father who lies live on TV", Ngadeu Ngadui tackles Jean Lambert

To justify the absence of Michael Ngadeu in the list of players selected for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Jean Lambert Nang, mentioned a problem of indiscipline.

The former journalist at Crtv, during a broadcast on Vision 4, fumed that during the Burundi-Cameroon match, counting for the CAN 2023 qualifiers, Michael Ngadeu and Zambo Anguissa, two team members of the selection , fought on the playground

Jean Lambert Nang added that it was the attitude of Michael Ngadeu, who subsequently refused to make amends, which justified his non-selection for the Qatari world.

Michael Ngadeu Ngadui brushes aside the words of Jean Lambert Nang.

For the first time, Michael Ngadeu broke the silence to comment on this case which had caused a stir.

The colossus defender clearly states that Jean Lambert Nang lied and that there was never a barrage between Zambo and him.

Guest of the program Kick-Off on Canal 2 International on May 26, Michael Ngadeu decided to come back to these accusations: Ngadeu: "there was never a fight with Anguissa,

that's a big lie..I followed a debate live on TV (Vision 4) where it was said that I was not selected because of a fight. I called Anguissa directly to tell him what was said about him and me. I told him it was going live that he turned on his TV. Anguissa told me that he did not follow cameroonian televisions”. indexing without

naming him Jean Lambert Nang author of these remarks in CLUB D'ÉLITES SUR Vision 4 last November, the footballer expressed his disappointment..

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