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For more than a year, FLAVIENNE TCHATAT has claimed authorship of the work "Miraculée", a series selected at the Pan-African Douala Série Festival. The dispute is brought before the Cameroonian courts to return to Caesar what belongs to him.

Neither side wants to give up. On one side TOBIE BIDZANGA who presents himself as the owner of the project with at his side TEGUIA Arnaud (Pa'a Batremy) the screenwriter and on the other side FLAVIENNE TCHATAT who claims authorship of the work.

Cross-referenced information FLAVIENNE TCHATAT would have entered into a contract with the two previous individuals with a view to producing said series. The series was indeed presented on March 30, 2023 on Canal Olympia. Noëlle Kenmoe, present at the ceremony, warmly congratulated FLAVIENNE TCHATAT.

.TOBIE BIDZANGA and TEGUIA Arnaud did not digest this tendency of FLAVIENNE TCHATAT who appropriated the entire work. The claim earned TEGUIA Arnaud a few days in prison and the dispute was brought before the courts. The disappointment between FLAVIENNE TCHATAT and NOËLLE KENMOE comes from the latter's recent video post which announced the imminent release of the series. This video is the work of TOBIE BIDZANGA.

FLAVIENNE TCHATAT considering this post as a betrayal especially since she had to discuss in person with the one she considered a friend.

Noëlle Kenmoe answer to it.

The court verdict is awaited to settle this saga.

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