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The health situation of young Mboléeur Happy d'Effoulan had moved the web after a report by the channel Canal 2 International. The artist recounted the many abuses he had suffered from his family in collusion with his ex-manager, which had justified his flight. Showing signs of physical abuse and psychological trauma, the artist had taken refuge with a friend.

His manager had justified the treatment inflicted on the young artist by his repeated taking of narcotics and his homosexual practices. The creator of TCHAPEUH TCHAPEUH had recently taken refuge alongside the influencer CROCQUEUSE DE DIAMANT who had promised to help him through this dark period. As a reminder, his Facebook account with more than 600,000 subscribers had been confiscated by his manager.

More recently the Cameroonian activist and rapper living in Europe made a video on the situation of the young singer.

An outing that the artist obviously did not appreciate.

The artist who is in full reconstruction calls for support from his dancers.

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