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Hoga Le Pichichi says that huh...

The comedian is very disappointed by the attitude of some compatriots. "For him, as long as we are not united, things will not move forward".

The Cameroonian comedian does not appreciate the outings of his colleagues who have remained in Cameroon, which tends to denigrate the work of Cameroonian influencers present in Qatar at the invitation of FECAFOOT.

"We will always be behind in our art because hypocrisy is the master in all actions.

In 2005 I was in the delegation that accompanied the indomitable lions for the Ivory Coast vs Cameroon match counting for the 2006 World Cup qualification.

I took the opportunity to walk around Abidjan to learn about the workings and working methods of Ivorian Artists.

Let me tell you, these people stick together on a level that doesn't speak its name.

.at home in Cameroon we are campaigning for solidarity instead of solidarity.

Hypocrisy is always in the middle of our art. We live in the “why him and not me” or even “Everything for me and nothing for the others”. he added.

FINGON TRALALA in a targeted publication did not hesitate to treat Qatar as a central market.

"I am Hoga the dean Pichichi of Cameroonian artists in Qatar. Whoever is not happy sucks the current." Did he send his detractors.

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