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During the night from Sunday to Monday, upon returning from Le Havre, striker Faris Moumbagna and midfielder Jean Onana were victims of a violent attack with a firearm while they were in their vehicles near the Commanderie . The perpetrators of the attack are on the run.

Clearly, the Marseille season was chaotic until the end, both on the pitch and in the extra-sporting sphere. Despite their victory (2-1) in Le Havre, Sunday May 19, the Phocéens did not manage to secure a ticket for Europe next season, ahead of Lens and Lyon. “We can say that finishing eighth in the championship is not acceptable. It’s unacceptable,” noted President Pablo Longoria in the bowels of the Stade Océane, a few hours before a new event in this season as long as a day without end.

The shootings suffered by the two Olympique de Marseille players during the night from Sunday to Monday pushed the Banditry Repression Brigade (BRB) to take up the matter. The carjacking attempt, suffered by Olympique de Marseille players Faris Moumbagna and Jean Onana, is growing more and more as the days go by. We learned on Monday that the two Olympians had been attacked, with gunshots, when they had just left the OM training center the previous night at the wheel of their vehicle.

The media “La Provence” reveals this Wednesday new elements on this scary pursuit on Boulevard des Libérations, in Marseille (12th arrondissement). The events took place around 3:15 a.m., a few hours after the final day of Ligue 1 and the Olympian success in Le Havre (1-2). The Range Rovers of Faris Moumbagna and Jean Onana then found themselves chased by a vehicle, while Marseille defender Bamo Meïté was not far away at the wheel of his Toyota Yaris.

An individual opened fire at least three times on the 4x4s, with one bullet hitting Jean Onana's vehicle in the trunk and two others hitting the door of Faris Moumbagna, driver of the lead car. He then accelerated to escape his attackers and ended his race with an accident against a pylon. Unharmed but shocked, like his partners Jean Onana and Bamo Meïte, the Cameroonian international saw help arrive shortly after, while the attackers fled without leaving the slightest trace.

An incredible situation which now puts all of France on alert.

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