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Images of incredible sadness. The artist dozing in front of a bottle of beer. Head bowed in despair, sandals on dusty feet. .and to say that Happy d'Effoulan won 10,000,000 FCFA in 2021 at the Orange Urban hits show and that he pranced at the top of the hits rankings for months with a golden channel as his crowning glory. The artist was therefore well supervised until everything went wrong. Drug use, tattoos, derogatory and obscene comments on his page.

"Happy d'Efoulan, the mbolé rocket, is slowly dying out. If the artist, like a rising star, stirred up the crowd for more than a year, he now seems to be in free fall. Nothing happens between the two characters less than a year after signing the production contract with Serge Nkodo" with the media Newstories Africa.

In a report broadcast on Canal2 Internationale on May 11, the artist claimed that his producer abused, kidnapped and tormented him: “He slapped me four times. l let the first three times go by, but I didn’t let the fourth time go by,” he explains, showing multiple bruises on his body. .the producer defended himself by arguing that he was just trying with the help of the family to get Happy d'Effoulan out of drug use and homosexual tendencies.

Today the artist has definitely sunk. No titles in 2023. Not even the outstretched hand of the CROQUEUSE DE DIAMANT influencer could pull me out of the abyss.she also went out a few minutes after the photos were posted on the web to confirm the mboleeur's addiction to psychotropic substances, nevertheless leaving her door open for any help.

The Mboleeur has not reacted yet. One thing remains indisputable he needs help.

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