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Ali Hoballah, the entrepreneur of Lebanese origin, and influencer/artist in Cameroon known as Aloch237, once again demonstrates his immense love for Cameroon.

Aloch237, the artist of 237 was born in Douala on April 19, 1988, where he spent his entire childhood and adolescence for his schooling. .At the age of 18, he subsequently pursued higher studies in Commerce in Paris for 5 years where he obtained his Master's degree at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion.

Abandoning opportunities in Europe, he settled in Cameroon and devoted himself to music in a patriotic rhythm. Very fond of sport, especially football, he recently opened his MULTI-SPORTs complex near Douala.

.I am proud to present to you this new project which is finally ready, proud to know that I succeeded with the heart, with blessing, with simplicity, and proud to know that Cameroon is now one of the rare countries in Africa to have a multi-sports center of more than 5000 m2, and this called "Kimalé", like the music that gave birth to me among you, and it is located in the city where I was born in 1988, in Douala 💚❤️💛

.There is never any chance, when you work with the heart, with a lot of love for others, with a lot of respect for your country, you reap the fruits. Love, give, and share, life will reward you ❤️

.lover of sport, and lover of Cameroon, I managed to combine the two together, to also give our children wonderful values ​​in the future 🙏

I am waiting for you with my Kimalé team, we are ready 🔥🔥🔥


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