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Prince's mother is not happy at all.

Since the opening of its PALA PALA CITY complex on April 27, Mani Bella has found herself cornered by various administrative services. .after harsh criticism from Coach Blonde who believes that her establishment is as banal as her songs, the go pala pala has not left the inn.

In a live broadcast on her Facebook page, she spoke on the issue with great anger. From her live broadcast we note that since the opening of her establishment, less than a month ago, she has only encountered difficulties and unexpected visits and arrests from agents of..administration.the most recent is the receipt of a summons to the CNPS brought by the agents of the said structure.

She does not understand the point of such a summons given that before opening her establishment, she made sure that she fulfilled all the administrative conditions required to carry out such an activity.

But Mani Bella does not seem weakened by these various experiences which aim to discourage her and push her to close her establishment. She promises to go there with her lawyers to see things more clearly. .she also warns them that she will not fail to expose them and that she will not abandon her activity for any reason. that she will fight body and soul to make her establishment prosper.

.Determined to move forward with Pala Pala city, Mani Bella received the support of Queen Mother Kareyce FOTSO who once underwent a similar experience. The latter wanted to invest in Cameroon but found itself faced with the same obstacles.

Courage to Mani BELLA, creator of wealth and employment.

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