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Cameroon has the merit of being

qualified for the 36th edition of the African Cup of Nations. The selected countries were divided into 6 groups and Cameroon occupies group C in the ranking.

At the dawn of this CAN 2024, while citizens prepare their hearts and minds to enjoy the competition, some worrying incidents occur:

Bryan Mbeumo is seriously injured

Aboubacar Vincent is excluded from his team

Jean Onana is also excluded from his team

.in fact during the premier league match, Mbeumo scored his seventh goal but left the stadium at one point writhing in pain in his ankle due to pain there. .the player was unable to continue the match and was substituted, which was a difficult blow for Brentford. This December 7. He was withdrawn from the CAN by the Brentford medical staff.

.This December 11 in the morning, Besiktas Istanbul announced through a press release the exclusion of 5 of its players including the indomitable lions Aboubacar Vincent and Jean Onana. They explain that they exclude the latter for “poor performance and inconsistency within the team”. .Their decision is still incomprehensible today, because both players are known for giving the best of themselves and moreover it was Aboubacar who qualified this club for the Europa Conference League.

.Since this announcement, the Cameroonians have continued to make demands on the Turkish club's social networks, so that they reintegrate their compatriots into the team. Demonstrations which have unfortunately not borne fruit until now. .the future of CAN 2024 for the Cameroon team remains a source of concern.

So Cameroon finds itself helpless on the eve of the CAN, the start date being set for January 13, 2024. .the reputation of these famous players is well established, we have all seen them restore the image of the country. We note with sadness that the country is losing its attackers one month before the CAN. Could this be a bad omen? We hope not. .At the moment we still don't know what will happen to the team during the season.

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