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"BURNT PLANTAIN FINGERS..." Mani Bella's lawsuit in response

The comment that does not pass and that puts Mani Bella out of her. In an amateur video circulating on social networks, we can see the fingers of the Bitkussi singer in a not very Catholic state.

Peupah Zouzoua the best blogger at the AFRICREA AWARDS did not hesitate to comment on said photos in a comic and almost mocking style as he knows how to do.

His comment strongly displeased the GO PALA PALA. She reacted not only on the publication of Peupah Zouzoua but also on her own page.

The blogger has never succumbed to blackmail. Whether it's the late CABREL NANJIP or Emy Dany Bassong, no one has ever led Peupah Zouzoua to delete one of his posts on his Facebook page. Le Mfougou Officiel another blogger has meanwhile made a rather curious exit regarding the situation.

Three days later the publication is still available on Peupah Zouzoua's page.

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