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"Be careful what you see on the networks, not all of..." COCO SILVER tackles LADY PONCE

Coco Argentée gives her version of her separation from Lady Ponce.

After the targeted statutes COCO ARGENTÉE finally does the big unpacking about his estrangement with LADY PONCE.

.“Hi dear all.

Today I'm going to explain to you my fed up Because you don't know the bottoms and the low c0ups of showbiz.

I know a lot of my fans are wondering why am I creating for a while.

.you know i'm a person who likes to stay in his corner and that's why some people say that i mimba a lot but i'm not like that.

When you see what is happening in this showbizz, you only say better I stay in my corner.

.to you my I know you've been a little disappointed with me for some time on the networks because you don't know what it's really about. So I decided to explain to you today the background of this showbizz there.

.for some time I have had the impression that people are ach@rnés on my person. So I decided to tell you the truth today about the PBS between me and lady ponce.

.some time ago, a promoter contacted me for an event in Cameroon but the condition is that you do not perform in Cameroon for 3 months. You will be accompanied on this set with Lynda Raymonde and Dora DECCA.

.I accept the conditions and this is how the communications about the event began.

1 month and a half the lady contacts me again and tells me that she wants to add another person and this person is lady pumice.

I tell him ok no problem.

Communications continue.

.less than 3 days before the event, the lady pays for my plane ticket. When I arrive at the airport, the lady contacts me and tells me there is a big problem. Your sister says she can't rail on the same set with you. We negotiated tired but she refuses.

.So I decide to call lady I tell her:

I have a set at the I'm headlining we offer you I don't refuse because your presence doesn't bother me because my money won't come into your pockets and your money won't come into my pockets.

.she tells me I refused because someone told me that........

Me: instead of calling me you prefer to withdraw me on the set. Does that make sense?

She hangs up on me.

I call the father of her child Mr Blaise Eyoubou I don't worry about the situation and I go back home to Belgium.

.on the way lyda calls me and tells me that it has also just been removed.

He's releasing a new poster with lady, Dora and @grace decca.

2nd Point

I am invited to Mayor ONANA for an event.

I arrived the day of the event at 11 p.m. The other also arrived at 11 p.m.

.I was installed in the mayor's living room and she downstairs with the X-Maleya.

I'm staying upstairs, the mayor, comes to ask me what's going on with your sister?

She got mad and left because she doesn't want you around.

3rd point

We are programmed for the sanza.

.honored gentleman tells me he wants a lady tray and me. I tell him no problem. He mounts the poster.

3 days before the event I was canceled because the lady did not want to perform with me.

My Cameroonian brothers, you know how hard the mboa is, put yourself in my place??

.know that social networks are virtual and people can have 2 faces.

Simple example: how can someone say that we don't buy the March 8 loincloth in the morning because of the housewife's basket and in the evening this same person has March 8 on her.

You don't see this man!.people?

Pay attention to what you see on the networks, not all of them are with you.

I wish today that you leave me alone.

Get me out of the camp."

LADY PONCE is not known to do in the language of wood. His reaction is therefore eagerly awaited.

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