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is this the beginning of the end of this season which seemed sensational? Having started on October 7, audiences for season 2 of The Bachelor are likely to fall. After the first rose ceremony, the young Congolese Arielle, known as "Tinker Bell", unhappy with her elimination, decides to reveal all the secrets surrounding reality TV.

In a video on TikTok she releases all her anger. Firstly she is angry with the production for not having highlighted her beauty. Then she castigates everyone who made fun of her and her outfit. Finally she drops a bombshell on the show.

According to her, it is only a staging which reveals not only the mistreatment but also the discriminatory choices that are made. She talks about how candidates are paid to play a role in order to attract the most listeners. Still talking about staging, she reveals that the winner of this season will be none other than “ZEINAB”, the Ivorian candidate.

Faced with such revelations, the web is in shock, between disappointment and anger, some listeners plan to no longer follow the program.

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