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Updated: May 30, 2023

Almost 3 months after her tragic death, the tiktokeuse stéphanie MASSO alias Madame Cooper was buried this Saturday, May 27, 2023 in the cemetery of bonapriso.

The announcement of his death was followed by many messages of compassion from both his fellow tiktokers and the entire artistic community. there are also many who have come to console his mother who has suffered and her son who has become an orphan.

In view of this movement, one would have expected a massive mobilization during his funeral. But great was the surprise during his lifting of the body and his burial. only her friend and college doll from Togo was seen at the scene.

Many like DAVID Eto'o who seemed very saddened by his death preferred to go to the inauguration of the Afrodisiac restaurant of Mira Cosmétique. The latter who, moreover, had refused to celebrate March 8 following the death of Mrs. Cooper, her muse, was not present. even Aïcha Kamoise, who had made several direct to express her sadness, did not make any video about this funeral. Cabrel Nanjip who denounced in one of his clips the phenomenon received poisoning was conspicuous by his absence.

The massive indignation that followed the death of the Young tiktokeuse contrasts with the number of presence at her funeral. A situation that an Internet user quickly noticed and was relayed on the web.

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