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A month later CREDIT ALERT KO-C has not concluded any deal,...the song is not trendy" SANGOKU SHOTS

Going to conquer the international music market starting with Nigeria, Kocee was a masterstroke in terms of the performance of the Nigerian music industry. To achieve his goals, he designed a song “Credit Alert” featuring the Nigerian artist Potoranking.

.As soon as it was released, the title which was at the origin of a significant investment by the artist did not fail to be on everyone's lips in Nigeria and Cameroon. But for the Cameroonian singer Sangoku the bet was not won by Kocee considering the figures.

.He expressed himself in these terms: “One month after “Credit Alert”, there are 1.3 million views on YouTube, Kocee has not concluded any deal, the song is not trending in 🇨🇲 (streets, clubs , media). .the song didn't even make it to the top 80 in Nigeria, last time we heard it it was number 91. So it's safe to say it's not trending there no more. .we haven't even seen any major interviews from the Nigerian media, I don't want to talk about shows."

.The story was completely different when he released "Two Spaghetti Eggs" a year ago: he won more than three sponsorship deals in the first three weeks (one from an insurance company, an alcoholic beverage company and a food processing).all over the country and even little children sang it. The song has been viewed 1 million times in less than two weeks. Should I mention the shows and the awards?..."

.Sangoku therefore compares the success that Kocee had with “Deux oeufs spaghetti” and his new song “Crédit alert” forgetting that Kocee has just launched into a new saturated musical market, he will surely take time to establish his marks. .this first production would only be an ise in the mouth. Contrary to what it says, “Credit alert” continues on its way.

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