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Serge Beynaud alias LE BOSS DE LA BEYNAUMANIA, whose real name is Guy Serge Beynaud Gnolou, was born on 19 September 1987 in Yopougon. He is an Ivorian singer, composer and arranger of afropop and afrobeat.


He is considered a leader in the coupé-décalé and urban music scene. At 34 years old, the product of the Star Factory Music label has been reigning over Ivorian music for almost a decade. With hit songs such as Koumanlebe Act 1, Mawa Naya, Remanbélé Babatchai,... the artist with multiple PRIMUDs makes a whole continent dance with his bewitching kidney games. The collection of his hits and especially the most recent one "C'EST DOSÉ" which is already at the top of the hits parade, is offered to you non-stop for you to enjoy without limit.

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