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A simple meeting gave birth to a duo which is already announcing its web series. CYNTHIA FIANGANG a young lady who has had a less than rosy past has decided to relaunch herself differently. ZIZOU, whose notoriety on social networks was falling and his stand UP show not having won unanimous support, finds a partner whose bad buzz can revive things.

They therefore needed each other. .CYNTHIA FIANGANG to restore her honor and ask for an apology and ZIZOU to revive her notoriety.

The live Facebook allowed ZIZOU to clarify things about this collaboration. Yes "CYNTHIA FIANGANG UNDERSTOOD". As a reminder, the majority of Facebook accounts in the name of CYNTHIA FIANGANG are fake accounts. Malicious individuals whose mission is to demonize the young girl.

The famous influencer Steve fah has also asked ZIZOU to marry CYNTHIA FIANGANG. .on the other hand, voices are being raised to denounce this trend which consists of taking advantage of a bad buzz to launch into digital activities and obtain an audience. One thing is certain, the intention of the Cynthia-Zizou duo is noble. .one should not suffer eternally from one's past, especially after a mea culpa.

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