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"...You KAKA NANJIP you have the silhouette of a demon with your friend PEDÉ and your short sister..

It is now the fire between the artist musician LONGUE LONGUE and the comedian Cabrel NANJIP.

It all started with an outing by Cabrel NANJIP on the web in which he openly expressed himself in a pejorative way about the influence CROQUEUSE DE DIAMANT following his passage on the vision set 4.

. LONGUE Longue visibly very irritated for a long time by the attitude of CABREL NANJIP towards him saw there a means of pouring out his rage on the comedian by defending CROCQUEUSE DE DIAMANT.

CABREL NANJIP did not remain silent to these violent invectives from the LIBERATOR. .he made a point of answering him and this on the same grounds of crude invective.

This battle by videos interposed on social networks has not yet fought its last battles. This is all the more so since LONGUE LONGUE made disguised mention of two other influencers. .calling one a fagot and the other a short, ugly girl.

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