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The ax has fallen, Cathy Vanessa Mballa Olomo WIVES Eto'o as hundreds of candidates eligible for the ENAM entrance exams will not have the chance to spend 45 days of military training at the National Armed Forces Training Center of Ngaoundere. She failed the oral exams when birds of bad omen had pompously announced that her admission was already recorded, skilfully negotiated by her brother-in-law Samuel Eto'o to whom all the bad intentions of the whole world are attributed.

This failure of Cathy Vanessa Eto'o highlights the fact that the merit is not always swallowed up in Greek calendars in the ENAM competition as the disgruntled minds want to believe. Former student of a private university (Y Schools Yaoundé) where the annual pension exceeds 4 million CFA, one might be tempted to say that it is not the sorrel that could have been missing to "buy" a place.

In the same way one could also affirm as popular imagery that being the bs of the other, it would have been unthinkable that "safe network" had been difficult for him to obtain. And yet.......his failure is a reminder that one can have all the money in the world and be very close to a personality who rubs shoulders with the high peaks of the State but also fail at the ENAM.

Some will say that it was a way for the current management of this Haute École to create a diversion given the media hype around its admissibility. And I answer them that it has nothing to do. There have been equally high-profile cases, if not more high-profile and even highly doubtful cases that have ended in admissions in good standing.

This negative result of the daughter of Nanga Eboko and granddaughter of Lekié has this positive, entry to ENAM is possible for hardworking and deserving. Maybe it is open to the smallest portion but the probability of success by merit is very real. .it is up to each candidate to work to be one of those. And it is not pessimistic speeches that will be their ally. Dear future candidates, get to work, anything is possible. Everyone has their chance.

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