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"PAPA" as he declares himself in his famous podcast "CLINIQUE", recently gave singer Blanche Bailly a free consultation. He said on the release of his hit “GOD GIVEN” that it sucked and the artist had to go improve as his song was not up to par with naija artists. This had generated the anger of artists such as Jovi or Maahlox.

The artist maintained his title online and called on his fan base to raise his title to the number one listening position on boomplay. These are executed and the sound has effectively taken the first place on boomplay. Blanche Bailly quickly tagged General Valsero in a video where she taunts him by mimicking his oral formulas.

The activist based in Europe quickly reacted by launching a new challenge to the go mimbayeuse.

A new challenge to which the go mimbayeuse has not yet reacted.

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