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Since Ivorian singer Josey gave birth to a child, her career seems to have taken a hit. The one who was considered the rising star of Ivorian music is now experiencing a decline in her popularity.

Asked why this regression, some observers explain that music lovers were saddened and disappointed by the fact that Josey, who defended the cause of women in her songs, did the opposite of what she conveyed as a message in her songs.

We remember for example that in 2014, the 27-year-old artist revealed herself to the Ivorian public, thanks to her title ''We do nothing with that'' where she denounced the behavior of certain men who are financially dependent women. A song that was much loved and appreciated by the fairer sex. In 2016, the singer continued in the same vein, this time releasing a new album with her hit track “Diplôme” which enjoyed phenomenal success. Through this song, Josey this time attacks men who refuse to formalize their romantic relationships through marriage.

While Josey became a symbol and a source of inspiration for the fight against abuse against women through her songs, against all odds, she announced that she was pregnant in November 2016. In January 2017, Josey finally became a mother. 'a boy. Worse still, the author of her pregnancy still remains an enigma. On the web, Internet users are divided on the identity of the child's father. Some say it is the Ivorian international footballer Serey Dié. .but others with the support of certain media have staunchly affirmed that the real father would be another footballer, in the person of the goalkeeper, Copa Barry. So far, the singer has not yet shed light on the identity of the father of her child.

The singer thus finds herself cornered by her contradictions and the constant invective on social networks.

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