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A friendly and sympathetic relationship that no longer goes unnoticed. The MMA legend and the football legend. A relationship that was not considered five years ago. What created this bond between these two top athletes?

Francis NGANOU wanted to tell the story of their first meeting captured by the media TNT.

"We were sitting at the Four Seasons Hotel, where he [Ronaldo] was living at the time. We met one of his guys named Richie. (he said)Actually, Cristiano is a big fan of Francis..then he called Cristiano and he said 'bring them' and they were in the pool and I'm like, even when I was getting in, I hope this guy isn't messing with me."

"Then we went up there and saw Cristiano and he was basically waiting for us and I was quite surprised..It's Cristiano, right? We shake hands, we greet each other and say, “Hey, what’s up?” » and he was very cool, very familiar at the same time.

“He was telling me stuff about me and how he and his family were watching my fight at 4 a.m...I'm like, man, you don't know who's really watching you. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know me! But he knows me pretty well.”

.“We stood by the pool for 30 or 40 minutes talking about things and he was giving me advice, telling me what to do, telling me about Saudi Arabia, why he moved to Saudi Arabia.”

.“We found a shady spot to take photos and he was trying to get into a fighting pose, being serious, face to face, and then he started laughing and hugging me.

I hope people believe it’s true.”

In reality FRANCIS NGANNOU is not the first MMA fighter of whom CR7 is a fan. We remember that he also posed several times with UFC star CONOR MC GREGOR.

CR7 is therefore a big fan of MMA and the world champion in the largest category being Francis NGANOU, it was natural that he developed an admiration for the native of Batié in West Cameroon.

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