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No Rosine NGUEMGAING is not that bad. She is a victim of her own success. It all starts with his former bestie CINDY and comedian Pa'a MBATREMY who accused him of plagiarizing Nigerian content and stealing their ideas.

Accusations that ring false. Several Cameroonian artists like Cabrel NANJIP, Ma'a Jacky have copied some ideas from the naija. Rosine is not the only one to inspire on this side. How to steal someone's idea if you are not in permanent collaboration? A statement that could stand since Rosine NGUEMGAING had to create a captivating character.

The second wave of attack came from actress Nadine Murielle. The latter mentioned Rosine NGUEMGAING's lack of humility because she claimed not to know her.

Then another blogger by the name of Tobychou from zomloa made an exit full of insinuations. So far no disclosures have been made.

For recent it is Diana Bouli who the day after the departure of Rosine NGUEMGAING for Nigeria comes out of her silence to qualify her with all the names.

Curious coincidence. Why did you wait for Rosine NGUEMGAING to get her pass for Nigeria to make this outing? Why Jemina herself didn't come out. .what channel did Rosine NGUEMGAING use to get in touch with the Nigerian promoters given that it was Jemina who was the first to be contacted and that Rosine only came behind her.

As a reminder Rosine NGUEMGAING is one of the few influencers to get up twice after her Facebook Facebook pages were deleted due to reports.

Courage to her

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