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Sad news again for the Cameroonian artistic community. After the sudden departure of comedian Cabrel NANJIP, it is the young Blaise KALABA who tragically leaves the stage.

A traffic accident resulted in the death of comedian Blaise KALABA, his 2 older sisters, his friend JB and another unknown person. He was returning from his uncle's burial at the wheel of a Yaris brand car which had 4 other people on board. .on the spot, 4 people died including Blaise himself. The 5th person died in the hospital.

The accident took place at a place called Baré not far from Nkongsamba. The comedian being at the wheel of the vehicle leaving for Douala, found himself in a frontal collision on the other side of the road with a jumbo jet from the General Express agency which was going to the West.

Blaise Kalaba, real name Blaise DEFFO FOSSO lost his dad a year ago today. He took care of his family. Since this morning his mother has been in intensive care.

For the time being, there is no information on the real cause of the accident. No one suspects a sleep that would have taken him behind the wheel.

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