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The circumstances of Cabrel's accident are known "He was driving at high speed. Faced with the ...

Gradually the circumstances of the accident that killed comedian Cabrel Nanjip are becoming clearer.

Journalist Bruno Bidjang recounts the facts:

This Thursday, June 15, 2023, Cabrel NANJIP has an appointment at the High Commission of Canada in Yaoundé for the withdrawal of his visa. Early this morning, he will take the road alone, aboard his Lexus. 30km from Edea in the village EBOMBE LOGBI, Cabrel barely out of a bend is surprised by the overtaking of a heavy truck which was trying to overtake another heavy truck. Cabrel, according to witnesses who experienced the scene, is driving at high speed. Faced with the obstacle, he chooses not to rush straight towards the truck, but rather chooses to fall back to the left side in the hope of finding a way out and avoiding the worst. Unfortunately, he will be unlucky. In view of his speed and falling back on the left side, the right wing of his vehicle will touch the truck which was being overtaken and which was driving normally. This is where the inevitable will happen. As soon as they are informed, the local populations will rush to the site of the accident and help the victim. Exited from the vehicle with the help of more than 15 people, Cabrel is barely breathing, but his body is not damaged. He was taken directly to the Edea regional hospital where he passed away an hour and a half later. On the spot, the populations report that 06 months ago, Cabrel had already had an accident practically in the same place but with another vehicle. Rescued by the local populations, he had promised to return to say thank you. But until then, he had not yet returned. The little long line on which Cabrel

died is reputed to be accident-prone and fatal. In 10 years, there have been nearly 50 fatal accidents at this place.

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