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Just some time after his scandalous split with the Ivorian comedian and influencer Eunice ZUNON, the "fiang le wéy le yamo" introduced his New girlfriend this morning to his fans by a photo of the couple who looks tenderly in the eyes, he added as a text "Only the queen knows how to master the king".

This publication full of romanticism did not go unnoticed. Between congratulations and wishes of happiness, the artist did not escape criticism. Some not very encouraging in a sarcastic tone challenged the author of the "Marteau de Thor" on the fact that he had declared and done the same thing with his former companion who almost strangled him by a key fourteen which went around the Web even his former manager Willy MBA remained stunned by this publication.

Faced with all these negative reactions, Tenor deleted this post on his page without giving any explanation. Let's hope that this curious publication is again the work of malicious pirates just like the last one which presented EUNICE ZUNON.

The account of the Cameroonian rapper with multiple awards would obviously be the target of individuals with a dark agenda. .another publication, also quickly deleted, accentuates this hypothesis.

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