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Cameroonian rapper and singer Stanley Enow is allegedly accused of using streaming farms for his new single entitled Take Ova.

The official video released on Friday July 28, 2023 has seen spiky unusual growth on YouTube as it jumped from 19K views to 300K views and today it’s almost doubled to 808K views.

Steaming farms are a network of devices, such as smartphones or computers (Virtual Listeners) with the main goal to play a specific song or piece of music to create the appearance of a large number of online listeners in this case YouTube. The devices are not actual people, so you get the drift.

The engagment, comments , likes to view rate doesn’t match the total views the video is estimated to be having. Causing many industry pundits to accuse the Cameroonian farmer of using a streaming farm.

A good number of African artistes such as Asake and many other Nigerian artists have recently been accused of using steaming farms to boost up their numbers on YouTube and other streaming platforms, a move which hard workers who get genuine views frown against.

It should be noted that the audio for Stanley Enow’s Take Ova single on YouTube still stands at 89K views further proving that in no way has the buzz and match up been so exciting that the video will garner 800K natural views in less than 2 days of release

A timeline for a song to reach 1 Million views in the Cameroon music industry has often been between 3-4 months and even Stanley’s certified hits such as “My Way” as per recent metrics didn’t reach such a milestone in such a short time.

As a rule of thumb a 1 Million views video should have atleast 3-5% engagement. If you do the math on 800K views the likes and engagment is supposed to be atleast 24K as per YouTube’s recommendation for a normal video with untampered growth.

In the meantime keep watching and enjoying Stanley Enow’s “Take Ova” on 237mood hère 👇

Streaming farms are ruining the music industry ! Let’s get back to the drawing board!

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